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Honeywell is a leading global manufacturer of personal protective equipment (PPE) and a provider of safety services and solutions. We help companies worldwide build an enduring culture of safety, ensuring that employees make safer decisions on their own.

Honeywell offers:
Hearing protection, 
Respirtory protection,
Eye, face and head protection,
Protective gloves,
Fall protection
Gas detection
Electrical safety
LLC "Alvateks ZTM"

The Russian company Alvatex  has been one of the leading suppliers of personal protective equipment in northwestern Russia since 1998. The company forms its range of products from a variety of brands, both Russian and foreign.  Alvateks  specializes in direct complex deliveries of means of individual protection to the industrial enterprises.

Assortment of products:

gloves, shoes, hard hats, overalls, respirators

About the company: the Company is Moldex, is a recognized worldwide SPECIALIST in the development and production of protection equipment respiratory and hearing. The company is certified to ISO9001 made in almost all components of the final product. Innovation Moldex are confirmed by numerous patents. Moldex offers consumers a lighter, more convenient, durable and safe protection unique dust masks, half masks, full face masks, earplugs and headphones. 

The PRODUCT RANGE: Respirators, half masks, full face masks, earplugs and headphones.anti-aerosol and gas filters.
ZAO "3M Russia"

About the company: 3M Company uses science every day to improve the lives of people around the world. 


  • personal protection:
  • respiratory Protection
  • Protection against falls from height
  • hearing Protection
  • eye Protection
  • Protection when welding
  • to protect the head and face
A company “SpecKomplekt” has been a wholesale distributor of working clothes, working footwear, Personal Protective Equipment and associated goods for workplace safety for more than 15 years, coming out to be a reliable partner for mining enterprises, pulp and paper industries, oil and metallurgical complex enterprises, car manufacturing and other businesses throughout Russia. We offer our clients only certificated high quality products of leading European manufacturers. Nowadays the company is an expert in health and safety implementation and represents its products in all the regions of RF.
was founded in 1992 and has become one of the leading Russian manufacturers of
workwear and safety footwear and distributor of PPE. Technoavia’s industrial facilities are located in Russia and
are equipped with high-performance equipment; including 7 clothing factories and 1 footwear factory. Every year
these factories produce 5,500,000 sewn products and 900,000 pairs of footwear.
Technoavia has branches in 87 Russian cities and representations in the Near
Abroad countries, in Czech Republic and UAE.
Suksun Optical and Mechanical Plant

Suksun Optical and Mechanical Plant ROSOMZ is a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of modern and highly effective personal protective equipment for head, eyes, face, hearing and respiratory system.
Today Suksun Optical and Mechanical Plant – is an enterprise of full production run: engineering, manufacturing, testing and sale of PPE – all the stages are handled by the plant.

Assortment of products:

Safety helmets
Protective face shields
Welding helmets

OOO Trade house "Solo"

OOO Trade house "Solo" have produce workwear for 20 years. During this period, we have gained excellent experience in the supply of a full range of personal protective equipment and workwear. We focus on the production and supply of footwear and working gloves. Quality is the main thing for us. We offer only high quality products at the best price.

Assortment of products:

Gloves, overalls, footwear, respirators and masks, goggles and eye wash, earplugs and headphones, helmets.

Corporate group "Spetsobyedinenie"

CG "Spetsobyedinenie" is one of the leading trade and production holding in the segment of labor safety. We create safety wear, as well as personal protective equipment for all industrial and climatic conditions.

Assortment of products:

 Work wear, safety shoes, personal protective equipment and household goods. Own trademarks: clothes for hunting, fishing and active recreation Sobol, clothes for work and life iForm, fashionable medical clothes Doctor Style, work gloves “СПЕЦ • SB”.

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