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Workplace hygiene

Standards of workplace hygiene are specified in the Labor Code. Commitment to the implementation of all regulatory requirements makes workflow more productive, increases efficiency of each employee. The main things an employer must do are the following:

1.    To provide workers with personal protective equipment in case their job specifics involves use of such equipment.

2.    To arrange proper workplace conditions that meet the standards of the field of activity.

3.    To conduct workplace certification no less frequently than once every 5 years in case production process and its components exert harmful influence on workers’ health.

Everyone looking for a job in Russia should be prepared not only to perform own duties, but also to maintain the hygiene of the workplace.

How should an employer arrange a workspace for work?

Pursuant to the Labor Code, it is the responsibility of an employer to equip the workplace in accordance with all the requirements:

·         To even the floor in order to eliminate the possibility of employee or furniture falling.

·         To arrange a space for eating, receiving medical care.

·         To monitor internal environment: to maintain the temperature regime prescribed by the regulation, the rate of ventilation in accordance with the season, not to exceed the level of ventilators’ noise.

·         To check whether the working area is sufficiently illuminated.

There are some specific rules concerning separate professions. When it comes to an enterprise, it is important to wash the walls, floors, windows and lighting facilities at regular intervals. It is necessary to arrange containers with carbonated salted water in hot shops.

Artificial lighting in offices where employees work at computers should be equipped with a system of evenly distributed light. The noise level in the office should not exceed 50 dBA.

Workplace psychology

When organizing the workspace, it is important to take into account any and all psychological aspects that will definitely affect the result of work:

·         Space for passage between workplaces.

·         The order of arrangement of tables and the necessary equipment.

·         The color palette of premises.

Design and arrangement of equipment and furniture should be performed in accordance with safety standards. Employees of companies spend most of their day in the workplace. The quality of workplace arrangement influences the attitude of workers to the work being performed. Labor efficiency depends on whether the management carefully attends to compliance of working conditions of their staff.

If an employer treats organizational issues without disregarding, seeking to create a comfortable workspace, its staff will perform their duties at their best and with high efficiency. The latter is largely influenced by the choice of a working posture contributing to minimum fatiguability throughout the day. The posture should be selected depending on physical efforts aimed at work performance, the pace and the nature of activity. 


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