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Svetlana Lungu’s interview, the Deputy Director General for marketing of LLC “Torgovi dom textile”

Svetlana Lungu, Deputy Director General for marketing of LLC “torgoviy dom textile” give an interview for JSC “Elektrifikatsiya”. In her interview, she told about expectations of exhibition and evolution of SAPE.

Svetlana Lungu, Deputy Director general for marketing of LLC “Torgoviy dom textile”, about SAPE, company’s expectation and evolution of the exhibition in the rapid-fire questions. For JSC “Elektrifikatsiya”.

What is SAPE 2018 for you?

All Russian labor protection and safety week and exhibition SAPE are the information platform that focus on topical issues of safety and health protection, conservation of worker’s life and health, questions of infliction of injury at manufacturing site, implementation of innovative PPE, which includes work clothes.

The main thesis of the Week and SAPE is “Safety work is the right of each person”. Torgovyi dom textile has made a contribution in worker’s conservation and health of oil and gas sector, energy complex of the Russia Federation.

Did your expectation from SAPE come try?

The exhibition SAPE gain momentum every year. The number of exhibitors and participants are increase too. Torgovyi dom Textile took part in SAPE since 2009. For the company it is a unique opportunity to demonstrate new developments for production of protection work clothes and components: fabrics, thermal insulation, and stockinet for experts of safety and health.

I would like to thank the staff of JSC Electrification, the SAPE Directorate, for the harmonious, professional approach in organizing the exhibition. I note the impeccable work of the whole team under the leadership of Elena Pfaf. Next year we will also take part and have already reserved the exhibition space.

What did you like in SAPE 2018?

Firstly – the level of guests and visitors of the exhibition:

Leaders, safety and health experts, representative of trade union and social organizations. Fruitful dialogs with clients and partners, sharing experiences, presentation of complex solutions of Russian material – essential part of everyday exhibition program at the booth of Torgovyi dom Textile.

Secondly, I would like to note creativity and scale of exhibitor’s booths. The exhibition SAPE is becoming a specimen in the segment.

Thanks for your answers, Svetlana. We would be glad to meet you at SAPE 2019.


Note: LLC “Torgovyi dom Textile” – the manufacturer and leading supplier of protective materials for production of work clothes of Russian oil and gas workers.

The official website of LLC “Torgovyi dom Textile”: http://amp.gs/C&UE

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