7 - 10 April, 2020, Sochi , Main media centre


KLATT's company.r.o. launched a new collection of work shoes RedLion

SAPE Exhibitor, exhibition on labor protection and industrial safety, the company's KLATT.r.o. is RedLion – the range of quality and comfortable shoes with technology Infinergy® from the Italian manufacturer of safety footwear U-POWER. 

To create the collection RedLion covers cooperation with the world leader in the chemical field, BASF Group, which has developed a technology Infinergy®  is the first expanded TPU (TPU-E= advanced thermoplastic polyurethane). 

Collection RedLion has key criteria which allow to get rid of stress in the workplace: comfort, ergonomics, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

Technology Infinergy® relies on great flexibility and high resistance, lightness, low density, high strength, wear resistance, high impermeability, and high resistance to temperature changes (-20 ° - + 40 °). 

Depreciation Infinergy® helps sustain energy for longer periods than the energy of traditional soles, with a guaranteed effect of lightness, freedom of movement effect against fatigue and reduce diseases of the musculoskeletal system! 

Collection RedLion is a solution for improving working conditions for persons whose activities are especially related to the various types of stress such as long periods of standing, Hiking and travel short and long distances, long periods of idling on his knees or squatting, periodic foot climbs and descents the stairs or the regularity of the repetition of the same postures and gestures. 

The company pays special attention to the maximum comfort and receptivity. Natural flexibility is provided over the entire surface of the foot, from the heel to the forefoot. Lightweight and flexible upper layer of the midsole adapts to the surface of the sole, due to the design, for maximum stability. The combination of external elements creates an elegant appearance. Soft materials used in the manufacture ensures a stop due to the ultra-breathable textile fibres and leather from the front side.

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