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Gaining popularity in Russia uvex protective eyeglasses will be presented at the exhibition SAPE 2018

Last year, the German company Uvex, the Exhibitor of the exhibition SAPE 2018, together with the manufacturer of the lens "Glasses for you", launched production of protective wear corrective glasses. Today glasses German quality, combines the functions of a corrective and protective eyewear, are manufactured in Russia. 

It is possible to reduce the delivery time, now they are 1-2 weeks. And in addition, was able to significantly reduce the price of glasses, made in Russia! Before production starts, the glasses have passed numerous tests on the quality and reliability of the lenses and confirmed the high standards Uvex as optics and protection. 

According to the Director of development and marketing LLC "Uvex SPR" Maxim Malafeevsky, since start of production turnover for protective corrective glasses of the company increased by more than 100%, therefore it was decided to expand the production base and warehouse space in Yekaterinburg. 

Uvex glasses company are unique to people with impaired vision. On the production to protect the eyes, working, deviations in vision, are forced to use safety goggles over corrective. In this situation, could help the lenses but not everyone can use them. In the end, people work in "double glasses". It is not only distracting, but unsafe: glass glare, causing the picture before my eyes lubricated; there is an effect double images. As a result, the worker can ruin an expensive blank, or even get injured in the workplace. 

One of the advantages of the product uvex – quality sunglasses will last longer, and this means that the points cost will pay for itself in long life. The cost of cheaper glasses significant because they will quickly break or lose their protective properties. In addition, the care increases employee loyalty and reduce "churn" - that is a big plus! 

The Uvex company has no plans to stop this project and have almost completed the organization of production of glasses for computer work. The production of new products scheduled for the coming months. Corrective glasses and a number of other new products the Company Uvex will present next spring at the exhibition SAPE 2018.

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