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The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation and the «Skolkovo» Foundation begin their cooperation

At the Seventh Moscow «Open Innovations» International Forum, First Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection - Alexei Vovchenko and Vice President of the «Skolkovo» Foundation - Konstantin Parshin signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of labor protection.

Collaboration includes working together in the search, analysis and systematization of technologies, innovations and practices in labor protection and assessment of prospects of foresaid processes. In addition, they are going to cooperate in analysis of legislative and other regulatory acts, regulatory barriers and their further systematization.

«The Ministry of Labor and “Skolkovo” will create a center of competence to receive feedback from corporate customers: the parties will identify and work on outdated laws and other regulations and will jointly select modern IT-solutions in the field of labor protection” said Konstantin Parshin.

He also noted that a vivid example of the introduction of IT-technologies in the field of labor protection might be the process of training employees in enterprises with a high risk of industrial injuries. Now training could process not only with books and in-person lectures, but also with the use of modern online methods, using virtual reality tools for example.

These innovations and new technologies in industrial facilities, especially remote ones, will help accelerate training and improve the quality of work. There are also other advantages of IT applications in the field of labor protection. For example, the monitoring technology of the physical condition of the employee will help to supervise his health, which will help with reducing the risk of accidents at work.

It is also worth mentioning that the above-mentioned parties agreed to participate jointly in various events such as conferences, exhibitions.

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